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Covid-19 update 2/04/2020.

Hello everyone!

Update on what’s going on.

Some of you have noticed the fencing we had installed. We were experiencing some illegal dumping along with property damage and attempted break ins. Since we’ve installed the fencing this has stopped and we have no plans on closing permanently.

Unfortunately since our last update the COVID-19 numbers have increased in Sonoma County prolonging a reopening date.

In collaboration with other bowling centers in Northern California we’ve hired a lobbyist and an epidemiologist. We are collecting data from bowling centers across the nation using our national resources. The epidemiologist will compile all that data and we will be submitting along with a reopening report to the state health officials. We aren’t asking to be opened immediately, we are asking to be treated fairly and moved back into the category we were originally in. Wear your masks and let’s move Sonoma County forward.

Thank you!

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